What has Monty for Justice been up to?

#Monty4Justice Protest

On June 7th, 2020, Monty for Justice hosted a community speak-out against anti-Black racism in Montgomery. Attendees socially distanced in Montgomery park while holding handmade signs and listening to Black community members share their stories and calls to action (including Al-Tereek and Bobby Battle, Danny Nembhard, Sherril Jenore, Alex Obe, Grace Johnson, and Toni Hendrix). 

MTSD Curriculum Reform

After a Board of Education-hosted public forum where MTSD students and alumni shared personal experiences with racism in the classroom and dissatisfaction with whitewashed, Euro-centric teachings, Monty for Justice began speaking to teachers, administrators, and department leads with the goal of reshaping MTSD curricula. As the result of countless meetings and research sessions, Monty for Justice's work has led to commitment from administrators to include more in-depth African-American History in MHS History courses, literature from authors of color/LGBTQ+ authors in MHS English courses,  adoption of intersectional language in classrooms, and revised lesson plans for MHS Peer Leaders to include outreaches on race and sexuality. These dialogues are ongoing and will continue to lead to more diversity and inclusion within Montgomery school system academics.  

Restorative Justice in Montgomery Schools

Monty for Justice believes that punitive reactions to minor indiscretions in schools restrict a student's opportunity to learn, grow, and change for the better. We have been engaging in conversations with MTSD Board of Education representatives as well as school administrators to propose restorative justice systems that can be adopted within our schools. We support the implementation of mediated discussion-based solutions to conflict and a council of peers to assist in assessing student indiscretions in addition to any and all methods which provide voices to victims and assist perpetrators in rehabilitating any underlying personal complications.